Google Nest Protect - Smoke Alarm - Smoke Detector

Product Description:

Introducing Nest Protect, the smart smoke and carbon monoxide detector designed to keep your home safe. With a friendly voice, it provides early warnings for smoke or CO, thanks to its Split Spectrum Sensor that identifies both fast-burning and smoldering threats.

Stay connected even when away with phone alerts and the ability to silence alarms through the Nest app using App Silence. No more low battery chirps; Nest Protect self-tests its batteries and assures you with a Nightly Promise when you turn off the lights.

Google Nest Protect - Smoke Alarm - Smoke Detector

The Nest Protect goes beyond alerts. Its Pathlight feature lights your way in the dark, and with Safety Check, testing all alarms is just a tap away. Connect it to Wi-Fi for remote monitoring and receive alerts on your phone for emergencies or low batteries.

Nest Protect doesn't just detect problems; it communicates them. With informative voice alerts, it tells you the type and location of the issue, ensuring you know exactly what to do. Trust in a decade of safety with its 10-year lifespan sensors, making Nest Protect a reliable guardian for your home.

Google Nest Protect - Smoke Alarm - Smoke Detector

Power SourceBattery Powered
Product Dimensions1.5"D x 5.3"W x 5.3"H
Item Weight1 Pounds
Sensor TypePhotoelectric

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