Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar, Full Size, Natural

Product Description:

Spruce Top: This refers to the material used for the top (front) of the guitar. Spruce is a common wood choice for acoustic guitar tops because it is lightweight yet strong, allowing for good resonance and a bright, clear sound.

Meranti Back & Sides: Meranti is a type of hardwood commonly used in guitar construction, particularly for the back and sides. It is valued for its durability and ability to produce a balanced tone.

Yamaha C40II Classical Guitar, Full Size, Natural

Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge: Rosewood is a popular choice for the fingerboard (the flat, usually dark surface where you press down on the strings) and bridge (the part that anchors the strings to the body). Rosewood is known for its smooth feel, durability, and contributes to warm and rich tones.

Gloss Finish: This refers to the outer coating or finish applied to the guitar. A gloss finish gives the instrument a shiny and polished appearance. It also helps protect the wood from environmental factors and enhances its overall aesthetics.

Top Material TypeSpruce
Body MaterialMeranti
Back Material TypeMeranti
Neck Material TypeNato
Fretboard Material TypeRosewood
Guitar Pickup ConfigurationS
String Material Typeplastic
Hand OrientationRight

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