Best DEWALT 20V MAX Angle Grinder Tool

Best DEWALT 20V MAX Angle Grinder Tool:

Experience the unparalleled performance of the DEWALT Angle Grinder, equipped with a brushless motor that eliminates the need for brush changes, ensuring optimal efficiency and durability. With its innovative brake system, this grinder stops the wheel in 2 seconds or less on average, enhancing safety and productivity on the job site.

The Kickback Brake feature provides added protection by engaging when a pinch, stall, or bind-up event is detected, swiftly stopping the wheel and reducing the movement of the grinder to prevent accidents. The electronic brake delivers maximum force to halt the wheel's rotation and promptly shut off the grinder, offering peace of mind during operation.

Best DEWALT 20V MAX Angle Grinder Tool

Featuring E-Switch Protection, this angle grinder incorporates a no-volt release function in the ON/OFF trigger switch. In the event of a power outage or unexpected shutdown, the trigger switch must be cycled (turned off and then on) to restart the tool, preventing accidental activation and ensuring user safety.

The two-stage trigger mechanism requires two actions to activate the tool, further enhancing safety by reducing the risk of unintentional starts. This thoughtful design feature provides added control and peace of mind, allowing users to operate the grinder with confidence in any environment.

Best DEWALT 20V MAX Angle Grinder Tool

MaterialStainless Steel
Product Dimensions12.2"L x 4.7"W x 6"H
Style20V Brushless 4-1/2" Grinder (Tool Only)
Power SourceBattery Powered

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