BIC PENS Large Bulk Pack of 240 Ink Pens

Product Description:

Introducing our comprehensive pen set featuring both black and blue ink options. With a total of 240 pens, including 120 black and 120 blue 1mm pens, you'll have an abundance of writing tools at your disposal.

The translucent barrel allows you to easily monitor ink levels, making these pens perfect for everyday use in various settings such as the office, school, or home. They're ideal for signatures, classroom supplies, and suitable for both adults and kids.

BIC PENS Large Bulk Pack of 240 Ink Pens

Experience superior writing comfort with the flexible round barrel design, ensuring a smooth and effortless writing experience. Whether you're jotting down notes in a notebook, journal, planner, or on invitation cards, these pens provide optimal performance on almost any paper surface.

Equipped with reliable tungsten carbide balls, these pens deliver consistent ink flow, resulting in smooth and precise writing every time. Elevate your writing experience with our high-quality pen set. 

BIC PENS Large Bulk Pack of 240 Ink Pens

Writing Instrument FormBallpoint Pen
Ink ColorBlack,Blue
Age Range (Description)Kid, Adult

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