ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial

Product Description:

Unlock the world of electronics with our comprehensive starter kit, meticulously crafted to cater to beginners' learning needs. Inside the package, you'll find a wealth of resources, including a free PDF tutorial boasting over 22 lessons, meticulously designed to guide you through your learning journey. Each lesson is presented in a clear and concise manner, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Embark on your electronics journey without breaking the bank with our economical kit, based on the Arduino platform. Perfect for novices keen on delving into the world of electronics, this kit offers the most cost-effective solution for starting your learning adventure. Dive into hands-on projects and experiments with confidence, knowing you have the tools you need at your fingertips.

ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial

Say goodbye to the hassle of soldering with our user-friendly LCD1602 module, featuring a convenient pin header pre-attached. With no need for soldering, you can focus on your projects without worrying about intricate assembly processes, making learning even more accessible and enjoyable.

Experience the enhanced capabilities of our upgraded starter kit, now equipped with a power supply module and a 9V battery with DC. Enjoy uninterrupted learning sessions and experimentations with reliable power sources at your disposal, ensuring smooth operation and hassle-free exploration.

Indulge in quality craftsmanship with our high-quality kit, featuring an UNO board compatible with Arduino UNO R3, MEGA 2560 R3, and NANO. Designed to meet the highest standards, our kit guarantees exceptional performance and compatibility, laying a solid foundation for your journey into the world of electronics.

ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Included ComponentsComponent listing: 1pcs UNO Controller Board; 1pcs LCD1602 Module ( with pin header); 1pcs Breadboard Expansion Board; 1pcs Power Supply Module WARNING: Pls. do not use the voltage higher than 9V; 1pcs Joystick Module; 1pcs IR Receiver; 1pcs Servo Motor (SG90); 1pcs Stepper Motor; 1pcs ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board; 1pcs Ultrasonic Sensor; 1pcs DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Module; 1pcs 9V Battery with DC; 1pcs 65 Jumper Wire; 1pcs USB Cable; 1pcs Active Buzzer; 1pcs Passive Buzzer; 1pcs Potentiometer; 1pcs 5V Relay; 1pcs Breadboard; 1pcs Remote; 1pcs Tilt Switch; 5pcs Button (small); 1pcs 1 digit 7-segment Display; 1pcs 4 digit 7-segment Display; 5pcs Yellow LED; 5pcs Blue LED; 5pcs Green LED; 5pcs Red LED; 1pcs RGB LED; 2pcs Photo resistor; 1pcs Thermistor; 2pcs Diode Rectifier (1N4007); 2pcs NPN Transistor (PN2222); 1pcs IC 74HC595; 120pcs Resistor; 10pcs Female-to-male DuPont Wire; 1pcs 130 DC motor; 1pcs Fan blade
Wireless Communication StandardInfrared
Processor Count1

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