Govee Smart Light Bulbs WiFi Bluetooth Color Changing

Product Description: 

Experience the ultimate lighting versatility with Govee smart light bulbs, boasting an impressive array of 16 million colors and 54 preset scene modes. Whether you seek a tranquil ambiance or an energetic atmosphere, these bulbs allow you to customize your lighting to suit your mood, promising a captivating lighting experience like never before. With a working voltage of AC 120V, they ensure compatibility with a wide range of setups, enhancing convenience and flexibility.

Sync your lighting with your favorite tunes effortlessly with the music sync feature. Govee smart light bulbs dynamically change color and brightness in response to sound detected by your phone's microphone, creating a mesmerizing visual accompaniment to your music. Simply download the Govee Home App and grant microphone permissions to unleash this immersive feature.

Govee Smart Light Bulbs WiFi Bluetooth Color Changing

Take charge of your lighting with unparalleled ease through simple voice commands. Govee color changing light bulbs allow you to turn lights on/off, adjust brightness, change colors, and set scenes with just your voice via the Govee Home App. Enjoy seamless control and customization, making every lighting adjustment effortless and intuitive.

Effortlessly manage your smart devices with group control functionality. Sync your smart light bulbs with other Govee smart products and control them simultaneously. Configure schemes and add devices to groups for seamless management, ensuring a cohesive and synchronized smart home experience.

Streamline your daily routine with the timer and scheduling features. Set your smart light bulbs to brighten gradually as you wake up with modes like Sunrise, and dim gradually as you wind down with Sunset. With timer functionality, integrating smart lighting into your daily routine has never been easier, offering convenience and comfort at your fingertips.

Govee Smart Light Bulbs WiFi Bluetooth Color Changing

Light TypeColor Changing
Special FeatureBrightness Dimmable, Music Sync
Wattage9 watts
Bulb Shape SizeA19

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