LEVOIT Classic300S Ultrasonic Smart Top Fill Humidifier 6L Tank

Effortless Comfort with Auto Mode:

Cutting-edge sensors regulate humidity levels for a consistently healthy environment. Bid farewell to dry air, welcoming optimal well-being into your home.

Powerful and Efficient Performance:

Experience 4x faster humidification, swiftly alleviating dry discomfort. Running for up to 60 hours, it covers an expansive 505 ft² area, ensuring personalized and perfect humidification.

LEVOIT Classic300S Ultrasonic Smart Top Fill Humidifier 6L Tank

Multi-Role Schedule for All-Day Care:

Seamlessly integrate aromatherapy into your mornings, engage Auto Mode during family time, indulge in plant care with Plant Mode in the evening, and enjoy sweet dreams with the calming effects of Sleep Mode.

Smart App Control:

Take charge of your home's humidity from anywhere, anytime. Break free from spatial barriers, customize schedules, and let the humidifier work its magic. Enjoy worry-free convenience at its best.

Hassle-Free Refilling, Impeccable Cleanliness:

The 1-Step top refill design ensures a leak-free pour, leaving no corner untouched. Say goodbye to troublesome bottom refills, incomplete cleaning, and unhealthy mist.

Water Filter Replacement Reminder:

Keep your humidifier running smoothly with Levoit humidifier replacement filters. For optimal performance, we recommend using distilled or purified water for your health.

Aroma Pads for Enhanced Fragrance:

Explore Levoit aroma pads for a stronger fragrance and added protection for the fragrance box, enhancing your aromatic experience.

LEVOIT Classic300S Ultrasonic Smart Top Fill Humidifier 6L Tank

Special FeatureSmart Control, Top Fill, Easy Clean
Floor Area505 Square Feet
Operation ModeUltrasonic

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