GOO GOO Clip-in Hair Extensions for Women, Soft & Natural

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Unveil the secret to longer, thicker hair with GOO GOO clip-in hair extensions, crafted from 100% real human hair that rivals the softness of your natural locks. With proper care, these extensions will grace your hair for approximately 2-3 months, providing a luxurious and enduring transformation.

Tailor your look effortlessly as these clip-in extensions seamlessly match your natural hair color, effortlessly blending in or standing out according to your style preference. Whether you desire highlights or streaks, these extensions offer the versatility to be dyed in a color of your choice without fear of damage. Style them with confidence, curling and shaping just like you would with your own hair.

GOO GOO Clip-in Hair Extensions for Women, Soft & Natural

Designed for ease and comfort, our Remy clip-in human hair extensions come in a set of 7pcs, with a net weight of 105g for hair without clips and 254g for hair with clips. The secure clips ensure a snug fit, while the lightweight design avoids weighing down your natural hair. Find detailed instructions for clipping, styling, washing, and care on the product page.

Please note that subtle color variations may occur due to differences in screen resolution and lighting conditions. In case of any issues, reach out to us directly for prompt assistance.

Experience exceptional service and support with GOO GOO. If you encounter any problems with your purchase, our team is ready to assist you. Keep in mind that the displayed color may vary slightly from the images due to lighting; choose the hair color based on the display picture while considering your natural hair color. Elevate your hairstyle effortlessly with the beauty of real human hair extensions.

GOO GOO Clip-in Hair Extensions for Women, Soft & Natural

Color#2 Dark Brown
MaterialHuman Hair
Extension Length18.00
StyleLong Straight Hair

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