LUNT SOLAR 5 Pack Premium Eclipse Glasses HD Film

Product Description:

Lunt Solar Systems, a leading US-based precision optics lab trusted by the US space agency, specializes in crafting NASA-approved tools for solar viewing equipment, observatories, universities, and research astronomy organizations.

Our solar eclipse glasses are rigorously tested to meet ISO standards, ensuring 100% safety and quality. They are ISO Certified [ISO 12312-2 (2015)] and CE certified, meeting the transmission requirements of scale 12-16 of EN 169/1992. Lunt Glasses comply with all requirements for eye safety certification, providing assurance during solar observations.

LUNT SOLAR 5 Pack Premium Eclipse Glasses HD Film

Crafted with premium optical film filters, our solar eclipse viewing glasses offer a sharp orange-colored image of the sun, ideal for observing partial or total solar eclipses. These filters are black in color, ensuring optimal viewing without thin metallic interference.

For the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse, trust in premium optical film certified glasses from the world's leading solar telescope maker, Lunt Solar Systems, to enhance your viewing experience.

Designed to fit most teens and adults, our solar eclipse glasses prioritize comfort and protection. Made with high-quality materials, they meet all standards set by the American Astronomical Society, safeguarding your eyes from harmful rays during celestial events.

LUNT SOLAR 5 Pack Premium Eclipse Glasses HD Film

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