Sanyun SW208 3" Active Bluetooth 5.0 Speakers

Sanyun SW208 3" Active Bluetooth 5.0 Speakers - Computer Speaker:

Sanyun SW208 3" Active Bluetooth 5.0 Speakers

Sanyun SW208 3" Active Bluetooth 5.0 Speakers, Introducing the SW208 small bookshelf speakers, delivering exceptional HiFi sound quality. Designed with a direct/reflective speaker system, they offer versatility in placement while effortlessly creating a rich stereo experience and powerful sound pressure. Crafted with a premium wood structure and sleek finish, these speakers boast an elegant and fashionable appearance.

Sanyun SW208 3 Speaker, Equipped with 30Wx2 carbon fiber speaker units featuring multi-layer voice coil technology proprietary to Sanyun Company, these speakers offer outstanding sound performance. With warm and thick mid frequencies, deep and powerful lows, and clear and bright highs, they ensure an immersive listening experience. Additionally, the speaker units are highly durable and stable, capable of performing reliably in any environment.

Bluetooth Speaker, Featuring Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for stable transmission, these speakers also offer a 24bit DAC USB connection. The built-in DAC efficiently converts digital audio signals, minimizing signal loss and maximizing audio source restoration for optimal sound performance.

Best Speaker, For precise sound customization, the SW208 includes treble and bass adjustment knobs on the main speaker. Users can easily tailor the sound to their preferences or adjust settings based on different audio types, ensuring true HiFi sound quality.

With a built-in noise elimination system and compliance with EU ER2 energy-saving standards, these speakers offer quiet standby operation and energy efficiency. Even when not in use, they seamlessly blend into the background, providing exceptional sound performance when needed and quietly awaiting the next listening session.

Sanyun SW208 3" Active Bluetooth 5.0 Speakers

Model NameSW208
Speaker TypeBookshelf
Connectivity TechnologyAuxiliary, USB, Bluetooth 5.0
Special Feature3.5mm Aux and Bluetooth 5.0, USB-A Connection with Built-in 24bit DAC, Small Bookshelf Computer Speakers, 60W Carbon Fiber Speaker Unit, On-speaker Adjustable Volume, Bass, and Treble

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